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Report from the Show: JCK 2014 Day 1

Posted: May 30 2014

So Pearls.com is here at the Big Kahuna of Jewelry shows: JCK 2014 in Las Vegas. I wanted to share some great pearl items and designs we're seeing here...

First thing to share. IT'S HOT HERE. I'm sorry I ever complained about the cool, damp spring we've had back home! 100 in the shade. Zoiks!

The good news is, the jewelry's as hot as the weather.

One of the first things I saw was this amazing Hummingbird Ring from Emiko. 


It's executed in 18K gold with clear white diamond accents. And most importantly, two Keshi pearls. A South Sea Keshi makes up the hummingbird's body, while the flower from which it's sipping nectar is a very round Tahitian keshi. Both, as always with Emiko, are 100% natural color and just stunning! You can see more creations from Emiko at http://www.pearls.com/collections/emiko but - sorry folks - this one's not for sale. It's a design competition entry...

We're also seeing the continuing popularity of Golden South Sea pearls. Two items really caught our eye: these 'opera masks' created in Gold with Goldens, and a truly stunning "waterfall necklace" of Goldens.

They're on display at the Cultured Pearl Association of America booth. CPAA (to which Pearls.com belongs) is a trade organization that upholds standards of quality and business practices for pearl sellers.

Pearls.com Partner Gifts of the Mermaid was showing off many amazing creations from their Keshi Pearl line. One of our favorites was this 'cluster' strand made of tiny (but gorgeous) 1mm Keshi pearls with gemstones

This is just the tip of the iceberg... More to come.


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