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"Real Life" Video

Posted: Jul 17 2014

We've just added product video capabilities to Pearls.com. We think a video of an item really conveys what it looks like "in real life" better than a photo ever can, and are thrilled to add this option.

In doing this, we faced a choice. Many 'video' systems out there offer great functions - the ability to grab-and-spin the item, "3d" effects, etc. 

And with that, they also bring the ability to "enhance" the video. To make it "perfect" through rendering, retouching, CGI, etc. 

We think CGI is great when it lets Wolverine sprout claws, or Gollum interact with hobbits... but for jewelry, we think it defeats the purpose.

Instead, we've opted to go with 'unretouched' video. Video that we think shows the jewelry as it really looks in 'real life'. Basically we point a camera at our jewelry, hit record, and spin it in a circle so you can see all sides. It's not 'perfect' and we're just fine with that.

What do you think? You can see our videos at https://vimeo.com/pearlscom/videos or on the pearls.com site. Is it better to have "real" videos that aren't perfect? Or should we create videos that let you grab, twist and rotate the item? That let you change the color of the pearls on the fly? Etc... Or, is "real world" what you as a potential customer prefer? 

Let us know. Post here, email us at "info@pearls.com", post on our facebook page... etc. We'd love to hear from you.

Kris Chronister,


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