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Heirloom Quality

The Imperial Pearl Difference

Founded in 1892, Imperial is known for the supreme quality of their pearls. They are the brand that pearl aficionados demand.

Why do Pearl Fashionistas & Tastemakers Demand Imperial?... Because these are quite simply the best pearls you can get.

Imperial Pearl Strands are true heirloom-quality that will be with you for decades and onward. Other brands may have more flashy advertising, but the real pearl experts know fancy ads don't make great pearls: Rigorous Uncompromising Quality Standards make great pearls!

So what makes an Imperial pearl different from all other pearls?

  • Quality standards that mean 90% of all pearls for sale don't meet even Imperial's minimum requirement.
  • Selected and matched by third-generation pearl experts.
  • And it all comes with Pearls.com's unmatched return policy.

The secret is simple - and impossible to duplicate: 100+ years of experience.

Imperial quite simply gets 'first pick' of the world's pearls. With relationships dating back to its founding in 1892, Imperial's pearl acquisition experts get first-choice across all the world's premiere pearl farms & auctions. They're able to select the very finest of each year's harvest, leaving the rest for others.

It's not just about the access, it's about the experience and know-how too. Because Imperial's buyers are third-generation experts, they truly know "the best" when they see it.

Rigorous Quality Standards

The Chart below spells it out: 90% of pearls don't make Imperial's cut AT ALL. Only about 1% make the AAA grade.

Compare this to the standards of any other brand-name pearl out there - often you'll see them define "AAA" as the top 25% of pearl quality. In other words most of their "AAA" Quality wouldn't qualify for even Imperial's minimum A-Quality Rating!

The point of the chart above is that even Imperial's A-Quality pearls are better than almost any so-called "AAA" pearl you've ever seen. And their "Crown Select AAA" pearls are simply not comparable to anything else.

Quality like this doesn't come along every day:

Imperial Pearl strands aren't always obtainable... at any price. Once the supply of pearls that "make the grade" runs out, there are no more until the next pearl season. Imperial won't compromise on quality and when the <10% of pearls that make their cut run out... that's it.