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The Art of Pearls

Posted: Apr 25 2014

The Art of Pearls happens to be the tagline of Emiko, one of our brand partners. But it really does sum up taking pearl jewelry above-and-beyond simply the strand. 

The Art of Pearls means fashioning jewelry around pearls. Pearls are natural, they are organic, they are farmed rather than mined. They are each as unique as a fingerprint in the end, with color, size, shape and everything else unique. They come from mirror-like metallics to deep multi-layered luster. 

Our Brands at Pearls.com follow this pattern. TARA is one that really focuses in on unique pearls. Whether an intimately-matched, super-premium hand-selected strand of golden south sea pearls that may have taken YEARS to assemble, to that rarest-of-all pearls, the Conch pearl, they truly treat jewelry-making as a craft.

Emiko, whom we mentioned before, similarly focuses on the truly unique. They seek out and find only natural-color pearls of the highest quality, then craft jewelry around them. Whether creating a scorpion or a branch of birds, their creations are truly one-of-a-kind.

Pacific Blue focuses on the unique colors and sheen of the New Zealand Blue Pearl, again crafting jewelry that is designed to 'frame' a unique gift of the sea.

Gifts of the Mermaid takes unique "keshi" pearls and crafts them into wave-like strands of pearlescent sheen that leverage the small keshis to create a rippling, gleaming effect, reminiscent of the ocean waves from which they came.

And Imperial innovates jewelry design in many ways. From their "exotics" collection featuring unique metallic sheens and colors, to their "lace" collection where tiny strands of Sterling Silver are woven into fabric-like glistening drapes that frame their Pearls in a dazzling display of light. 

So is this blog post just an excuse to tout our Brands? Not really - though it would be justified! It's more a matter of explaining what Pearls.com is all about - taking pearl jewelry to the next level. Bringing not just the jewelry-box-basics that every woman needs, but adding to it unique once-in-a-lifetime heritage-quality pieces that can become heirlooms for generations.


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