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Lesson Learned: Care for your Pearls

Posted: Jul 27 2014

It may not surprise you to learn that my wife owns a strand of really nice Tahitian Pearls... I suppose it's a perk of being married to me (she'd probably tell you there aren't that many, ha ha).

BUT, between recently moving, being busy with our kids, vacation, and so forth, she hasn't worn them in quite a long time... The better part of a year. 

She pulled them out tonight to wear to a fancy dinner party, and... OH NO! They looked terrible. Dull, lifeless, a funny green tint to them that they never had before. For a moment I pondered if somehow she'd mixed them up with a strand of cheap imitations! She wore a strand of gorgeous freshwater pearls instead while we pondered what to do.

We jumped immediately to review the Pearls.com "Care of Pearls" page at http://www.pearls.com/pages/care-of-pearls. We gave them a lovely bath in lukewarm water with a gentle natural soap. After a 30 minute soak, we swished them around a bit, rinsed with clean water, and set them out to dry. They looked 1,000 times better already.

Then she made a point of wearing them for a couple days. After 48 hours of skin-contact, they looked like the amazing lustrous peacock tahitian pearls we remembered. Phew.

It's all a long way of saying this... If even -I- can forget to take proper care of pearls, anyone can... But unless you've truly abused them, they WILL come back and reward your TLC.

So go get your pearls out. Clean them if they need it, but above and beyond anything else... wear them!

And, of course, if your answer is "get what pearls out?"... By all means come give us a visit at pearls.com and make sure to rectify that problem!


Kris Chronister,
CEO, Pearls.com

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