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Jewelry is worthless

Posted: Aug 28 2014

Early in my career, I worked for a gent who equated jewelry to movies. He said "They're the same thing, really. They're both worthless - they really don't do anything except make people cry."

I think he missed the real point. The point is that movies are great BECAUSE they make people cry, and feel, and think. And jewelry is much the same.

Does jewelry feed your family, put a roof over your head, get you where you need to go, make you healthier, or otherwise "add value" to your life? Well... no. 

But it does have worth. What jewelry does is adorn. If you hold your head a little higher, have a bit more spring in your step when you walk into the office, have a bit more confidence going to that interview, or otherwise just feel "adorned and adored" by wearing lovely jewels, isn't THAT a real value? 

Jewelry's value is in how it makes us feel. How it makes us feel to give it, to get it, to wear it. It's worth is in what it MEANS on a human level. When you wear an exquisite jewel... when you carry a stunning hand-crafted purse, when you wear shoes that make cobblers gasp... isn't there value in that because of that little 'something' it adds to your day?

I propose that my ex-boss is -exactly- right in equating jewelry to movies. But his conclusion is wrong: they're similar not in being 'useless' but because they're art. They have "value" in the same way that having a fine painting hanging in your home, attending the symphony or reading a poem has value.  Art is fundamentally about how it makes you feel, what it makes you think, what it inspires you to do and be. And in the grand-scheme-of-things, I suspect that 'value' is even MORE important than the 'practical' stuff - taking a vitamin, how many MPG your car gets, or how many bedrooms your home has. 


-Kris Chronister, CEO


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