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AA Pearl Strand Length


16 Inch "Choker" Length

18 Inch "Princess" Length

24 Inch "Matinee" Length

30 Inch "Opera" Length

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Which Pearl Strand Length is Right for You?

Choker (16")
A choker pearl necklace is meant to sit above the collar-bones not tight on the neck, but following the curve of the neck right at its base. It shouldn't actually "choke" you! This length goes will with sweaters and other higher-collar looks. Many consider it the most 'casual' of the pearl strand lengths.

Princess (18")
A princess-length pearl necklace will go with almost anything and any neckline, from dinner dresses to a T-shirt and jeans. The strand normally lays on the upper-most chest and is most fittingly worn with mid-range collars that expose the neck and collarbone area, but do not display cleavage.

Matinee (24")
A mid-length matinee pearl necklace, at 24 inches, is great with a business suit or a dress. The matinee is most suited for semi-formal occasions.

Opera (30")
The opera strand may be worn in two styles; a long elegant single strand, or doubled on itself and turned into a highly versatile, shorter length "collar". It is considered the most formal of the traditional pearl strand lengths (when worn singly) and is usually paired with formal dresses, evening wear and similar.

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