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About Us

Earth's Only LIving Gem

Every other gem has had to be faceted, shaped, ground, polished... The pearl emerges just as it's meant to be...

What we do

We sell true gem-quality pearls that most stores don't carry, and in most cases can't even get.
Pearls.com is for the discriminating consumer who wants true gem-quality pearls, not 'bargain' pearls that are no bargain.
If you're tired of sites that scream "85% off retail!" and rate every pearl they've ever seen as "AAAA+" then Pearls.com is for you. The fact is 90% of the pearls produced don't meet our standards and aren't really gem-quality. Even our A-Grade Pearls are better than most so-called "AAA" pearls. 

Why we do it

Plenty of stores sell un-branded pearl jewelry, and offer you an "amazing-quality" or even "AAA+" strand of pearls for unbelievable prices that are... well... not believable. Guess where that 90% of pearls that didn't make the grade with us went...
Almost everyone we talk to has a mom, or maybe an aunt, grandmother or dear friend, who has "her good pearls." She may have various jewels - even various pearls - but then there are her special pearls. They may not be huge, but are subtly stunning, carefully crafted, and with that certain something. They look nearly alive. They're the heirloom pearls. 
So when it's time and you want -those- pearls... that's what we sell. 

How we do it

The brands and designers we choose to work with are well-established: some have sold pearls for 100 years or more. They have long-standing relationships with pearl farmers and get 'first choice' to skim the best-of-the-best from each year's pearl harvest before others even get a chance. Some of them even have their own pearl farms.
Regardless, like Pearls.com, they are all committed to the highest standards and to only working with the small percentage of pearls that achieve true gem-quality.
Pearls.com backs up their commitment to quality with our own rigorous quality standards, an ironclad return policy, great service, and real "pickiness" about the product we sell - so you can buy a brand you can trust from a store you can trust too. 

Who we are

Our management team has worked in the pearl & jewelry business for decades. We're also serious pearl nuts: we have A Passion for Pearls & are here for those of you who do too.

Why it matters

Genuine, fine-quality pearls create jewelry that adorns like nothing else. You just can't compare them to 'department store' pearls: They have incomparable glow and depth and luster, and they pulse with a gift-of-the-sea inner light.

Where we are

Although our team travels frequently to find amazing new pearls, jewelry and designers; Pearls.com is a U.S.A. Company, proudly based in Mechanicsburg, PA. We're near the world-famous Hershey Chocolate factory, and the renowned Gettysburg battlefield memorial.

Return Policy

If you're not happy with you're purchase, we're not happy. We offer a no-hassle return policy to ensure you are satisfied. The lawyers insist we post our official Return Policy with full details. But the important part is this: We don't want unhappy customers. Period. If you're unhappy, you won't come back. You'll complain to your friends. You'll give us bad reviews. None of us needs that! We're 100% confident in the product we sell and we'll bend over backward to make sure you are thrilled with your purchase. In the unlikely event you're not happy, we'll give you your money back - simple.

Shipping Policy

Pearls.com doesn't 'make money' on shipping. For orders under $49, we charge a low flat rate to cover postage, box, packing materials, labeling, etc. For orders $49 and up standard shipping is free.

Contact us

You can reach us in several ways:

  • Questions/Comments: info@pearls.com
  • Mail: 5231 Simpson Ferry Rd, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050
  • Request a Return: Click Here