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Galatea Momento Pearls - Pearl Jewelry that Speaks - with #NFC

Galatea Momento Pearls are fine pearl jewelry in which there is an NFC computer chip enabling it to store pictures, audio and video that can be accessed by tapping it against any #NFC enabled smartphone.

Think of it as a locket that will hold your most precious memories in living reality, forever.


NFC Momento Pearl Pendant with Opal Core and Ruby in 14K Gold“Jewelry is really personal,” says Galatea founder Chi Huynh. “It has long been valued for the meaning it holds, the sentiment it brings. It is passed down through generations. My father gave me a pocket watch that is the most beautiful gift. Whenever I see that, it reminds me of him. Imagine if it could also hold all his voice and all the things that he taught me. It is like the person is still in there, and you see and hear them the moment you tap it. It is very magical.” 

The chip inside the new Momento pearl is equipped with near-field communication (#NFC) technology, so simply tapping it against an NFC-enabled phone will bring up the images, even if the phone doesn’t hold a specific app. 

 Momento Pearl NFC RingMomento Pearl NFC Earring Pendant Set in Gold Momento Pearl #NFC Set 


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Momento Pearls will be available in early 2015

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