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Pearl Jewelry Designers on Pearls.com

Pearls.com is the home of an amazing array of pearl jewelry designers and brands. Learn a little more about our family of jewelry designers below.

Windsor Pearl Jewelry

    • For decades freshwater pearl farmers have been trying to develop new culturing techniques in order to produce larger and rounder pearls than ever before... Windsor Pearls has cracked the code producing affordable top quality pearls from 13-15mm! Seeing is believing.
    • Through pearl farming innovation, Windsor is able to offer freshwater pearls of 13-15mm that compare in size and roundness to South Sea Pearls - at much more attainable prices!

Imperial Pearl

    • With a history stretching back over 120 years, Imperial Pearl has far more experience in the pearl business than any other brand in the U.S. 
    • Some companies sell pearls. Some design jewelry for pearls. Some market pearls. Imperial puts it more simply: "we are pearls."
    • Since its founding in 1892 Imperial Pearls have graced notable necks from Rita Hayworth, Liz Taylor and other Hollywood icons, to notables like Nancy Reagan.
    • Imperial: "We are pearls. That's not just our tagline; it is the statement that has driven us for more than 100 years to create, promote, educate and innovate cultured pearl jewelry. Today, we continue to provide consumers everything from rare high-end important jewels, to fashion-forward Freshwater designs."


      • Galatea Carved Pearls were first created in the late '90s when Chi Huynh accidentally "nicked" a pearl he was preparing, exposing the cultured pearl's mother-of-pearl bead.
      • They are available in Tahitian (black South Sea), Golden South Sea as well as white and peach freshwater.
      • The pearl carving process has become more streamlined over time but it is still painstakingly done by hand.
      • Chi is inspired by nature and art when creating carved pearls. 






      • Pacific Blue, by Eyris, is a pearl jewelry designer that offers the brilliant hues of blue mabe pearls from New Zealand.
      • Portraying the true essence of individuality, Eyris pearls reflect the link between the natural beauty of the human eye and the unique beauty of each blue pearl.
      • Blue pearls are formed within the shell of a mollusk called the Paua - a variety of Abalone.
      • Within the broad range of "blue" they vary in other colors present - ranging from blues and greens, gold to pinks, some also have splashes of red and violet. There are bright vibrant tones and soft subtle hues.
      • The pearls have a chameleon quality about them; the colours change in the way they catch the light. Liquid colours that almost have a life of their own. This variation in colour gives each pearl a distinctive character.