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Pearl Necklaces & Pearl Strands



 About Pearl Necklaces
Pearl Strands are the most classic form of Pearl Neckwear.Quality Pearl Strands are hand-strung with a knot between each pearl to avoid them rubbing each other. It is suprisingly difficult to strand pearls properly. If the knots are too tight and close together, the pearl strand won't flow and drape properly. If the pearl strand is too loose, the pearls will rattle around and show too much space between.

The Station Style Pearl Necklace is another traditional style. A gold or silver chain features interspersed pearl "stations." The size of each pearl, the distance between the pearls (and of course the pearl quality) determine the look and cost of station necklaces - as does the choice between a silver chain and gold chain. This style was popularized by Renee Russo in the movie Tin Cup and they're often still referred to as "Tin Cup Pearl Necklaces". 

Pearl Solitaires are another classic style of Pearl Necklace. The most common variation is whether the pearl is fixed or floating. In the fixed variation, a pearl is attached to a chain with two rings on each side. The floating style - popularized by the bracelets of charms-maker Pandora -  involves drilling a larger hole in the pearl, fitting it with a silver or gold 'grommet' and letting it 'float' on a chain.

Carved Pearls are a recent development, originated by Galatea, and available from very few pearl farmers. With a Carved Pearl Necklace, a gemstone must be used to 'plant' in the oyster and a pearl is grown around that gemstone. After the pearl is finished growing, it is intricately hand-carved revealing the contrast with the inner gem.