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Ring SIzing at Pearls.com

Ring sizing options differ, mostly depending on whether a ring is gold or silver.

  • Because many local jewelers prefer not to size silver rings (it is quite a bit more difficult to work with than Gold), Silver rings are typically offered in a range of sizes to order. The available sizes will show up on the product page. If no size is specified, the ring comes in a standard size 7.
  • Gold rings are typically offered in a standard size of 7 which can be sized to your specification. Any gold ring that does not specify an exact size, or sizes available, is a size 7.  
    • Because rings are no longer returnable once they are sized, our customers typically prefer to order the ring unsized, ensure it's "the one" for them, and then have it precisely sized at a local jeweler. 
    • EXCEPTION: Rings with stones in the 'shank'. The 'shank' is the side of the ring - the band that goes down and around your finger. Some rings that have stones set into the shank should not be sized more than 1 size up or down, and great caution must be taken even then. These rings will typically be offered in pre-set sizes even if they are gold.