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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Our curators have been hard at work finding tasteful-yet-romantic options for Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift giving... From Modern Hearts to Pretty in Pink here is their Gift Guide. Have a look!

Modern Hearts

Why we picked these: From time immemorial, the classic "playing card" heart shape - symmetrical, regular, simple - has represented love. But the heart can easily become a style icon as well. This selection of "modern" heart shaped Valentine's Jewelry gives love an update

Pearl Necklace with Double Sterling Silver Heart Clasp

5.5-6mm Pearl Strand with Interlocking Hearts & Silver Beads

Sterling Silver Heart PEarl Pendant

Sterling Silver Heart Pendant with 5.5-6mm Pearl on 18" Chain

Sterling Silver Heart Pearl Earrings

Sterling Silver Heart Earrings with 4.5-5mm Pearls

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Ring in Romance

Why we picked these: Although pearl pendants are the most popular jewelry gift on Valentine's Day, a ring really stands out. A circle has long been a symbol of eternity and endless love. Show your endless love with the Valentine Jewelry gift of a Pearl Ring.

10mm Pearl Ring with 1/3 Carat Diamonds

10mm Pearl Ring in 14K Gold with 1/3 Carat Diamonds

15mm Pearl Ring

15mm Pearl Ring in Sterling Silver

11mm Tahitian Pearl Ring

10-11mm Tahitian Pearl Ring in 14K Gold & Diamonds

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Galatea Diamond-in-a-Pearl: The Symbol Of Love

Why we picked these: When an irritant invades an oyster, the oyster enrobes it with layers of lustrous nacre, creating beauty. Galatea equates this to their Diamond in a Pearl collection, where the world's hardest substance is surrounded by lustrous pearl, symbolizing love's power to create beauty and joy. What a great Valentine's Jewelry message!

Galatea Diamond in a Pearl Earrings

8.5-9mm Pearl Earrings with Diamonds in 14K Gold

Galatea Diamond in a Pearl Pendant

8.5-9mm Pearl Pendant with Diamonds in 14K Gold on 18" Chain

Galatea Diamond in a Pearl Bracelet

Diamond-in-a-Pearl Bracelet with 8.5-9mm Pearls in 14K Gold

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Pretty in Pink: Enduring Love Conquers All

Why we picked these: Pink and Red are the colors of Valentine's Day. While red's scarlet hues symbolize passionate love, pink represents love's other face: Enduring love. Give these items made with natural-color pink pearls to symbolize dedicated, patient, faithful love.

Natural-Color Pink Pearl Necklace

Station / Tincup Necklace of Natural-color pink pearls in 14K Gold

Natural-Color Pink Pearl Pendant

9-10mm Natural-Color Pink Pearl Solitaire on Sterling Silver Chain

Natural-Color Pink Pearl Earrings

7-7.5mm Natural-color pink pearls set in 14K Gold

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Dazzling Hearts

Why we picked these: There is nothing like a heart to say "I Love You". These items feature hearts encrusted with sparkling crystal. What a great Valentine's Jewelry gift to say "I love you" -and- "You dazzle me!"

Teardrop Pearl Strand with Crystal Heart

8-10mm Teardrop Pearl Strand with Sterling Silver & Crystal Heart

Teardrop Pearl Bracelet with Crystal Heart

6-8mm Teardrop/Oval Pearl Bracelet with Sterling Silver & Crystal Heart

Pearl Bangle with Crystal Heart Charm

Trendy Black Rubber Bangle with Pearls and Sterling Silver & Crystal Heart

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Heart of Gold

Why we picked these: We've all heard the phrase "A Heart of Gold" to describe someone who is simply amazing. If you have someone amazing in your life, give the Valentine's Jewelry gift of a golden heart to let them know.

Gold Heart Pendant with Pearl

10K Gold Heart Pendant with 6-6.5mm Pearl and accent diamond on 18" Chain

Gold Mabe Pearl Earrings

20mm Heart-Shaped Mabe Pearl earrings in 14K Gold Setting

AA Pearl Earrings with Gold Hearts

AA Quality 4.5mm Pearls dangling from 14K Gold Satin-finish hearts.

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Red-Hot Love

Why we picked these: Red is the absolute traditional color of Valentine's Day and symbolizes passionate love. So Rock the Red if you're passionate about someone...

Pearl & Ruby Flower Necklace

Carved Pearl Pendant with Ruby

Heart-Shaped Pearl Bracelet

Deep Red "Cranberry" Pearl Strand

Heart Shaped Pearl Earrings

Pearl Bracelet with Scarlet Murano Glass Heart Charm


Pearl Hearts

Why we picked these: If a 'heart of gold' means amazing, then surely a 'heart of pearl' means gently, quietly amazing. These pearls were specially cultured around heart-shaped cores. Pearl Jewelry's subtle-yet-profound beauty - a gift of the sea - in the shape a heart is a great way to let someone special know they're a gift to you on Valentine's Day...

Heart-Shaped Pearl Necklace

17" Heart Shaped Pearl Necklace. 

Heart-Shaped Pearl Bracelet

7.5" Heart Shaped Pearl Bracelet

Heart Shaped Pearl Earrings

Heart-shaped pearl earrings


Pearl Classics

Why we picked these: Sometimes the best gift is simple, classic, elegant and utterly unforgettable. Our pearl classics may just fit the Valentine's Pearl Jewelry bill.

Pearl Strands

Pearl Strands

Pearl Stud Earrings

Pearl Stud Earrings

Heart Shaped Pearl Earrings

Pearl Solitaire Pendants